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So.  The Close and Play?  
Do you remember those?  One of my earliest and most obsessive memories was wearing down that little red record player to play my ‘storytelling’ 45’s and acting the crap out of each one...and yes I would enlist a bevy of neighborhood kids to ‘story-tell’ with me.  The obsession continues today.  The desire to tell good stories, to connect with others in a way that is real, artistic, fun.


Theatre has taught me to play well with others.  Shakespeare, Wilde, Rebeck, Sorkin and Ruhl has given me a deep appreciation and healthy jealousy of good writers and their words. Filmmakers and directors have given me a true understanding of the intricate and real importance of ‘it takes a village’ (and crew, editors, etc).  Even the world of commercials has taught me that if you are creative enough, you can tell a pretty powerful story in 30 seconds. And when everything falls into place...someone reaches out to us and let's us know that they were entertained, changed, touched...


Acting is my biggest teacher and I am humbled by it. I’m am not afraid to be stripped of the armor of glamour or to be awkward or to be goofy. I love to travel, the challenge of all genres and I love turning thoughts into actions. Nothing would give me more satisfaction than to share creative space with you...and tell stories. Please take a look around my site.  The basics are here. SAG-AFTRA and AEA!

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